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 Before the joyous proclamation of Easter in Totana

Official Chronicler of the city of Totana |

When words spring from the heart steeped in evangelical commitment, announcing the joyful message of God's love, that spills over into delivery on the cross, reaches beauty, depth and essence.

So manifested jubilant cry proclaimed by Archbishop Carlos Amigo Vallejo , on Sunday March 13, in the parish church of Santiago el Mayor of Totana.

Undoubtedly, that which grows in the soul, which takes as a star in the spirit, that of which the person is full infuses and radiates certainty, contagious joy and hope.

This reason is compelling appeal when the message is transmitted also it shines full of fraternity, of wisdom and compassion, reason and sense of life.

With these strings resonated so exultant speech heaping validity and strength.

We thank Monsignor friend who from humanity and closeness, from the knowledge of reality and the believer link from the literary quality and depth of reflection gave away to Totana with such expressive words, so sweetly, with such exquisite exaltation and encouragement of faith.

Drew his lecture a path in which the passionate experiences glisten in existence, in daily walking, urging offer the best of each in favor of community life, illuminating the testimony of Christ on the cross breaks in love, poured pouring charity.

With such outstanding references we have to transit in the conduct of the Nazarene effort, spreading understanding, encouraging understanding, open hands and heart to solidarity, justice, closeness ... in short, spreading the values ​​of the Kingdom of God.

Juan Canovas Mulero.

Official Chronicler of the city of Totana


Before the joyous proclamation of Easter in Totana - 1

Before the joyous proclamation of Easter in Totana - 2

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