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 The mayor urged residents of the county councils to use new village headman as a vehicle for transmission of their needs and demands to the City

The mayor, Juan José Canovas, has sent a letter to fellow residents in the municipality of Totana councils urging them to use the new village headman elected as a vehicle for transmission of their needs and demands to the municipal government and own Consistory.

The neighbors receive the letter in the coming days, and it realizes the outcome of the participatory process carried out a few months ago for the election of neighborhood representatives in the different districts of Totana and the will for them strap become communicating their concerns in their places of residence.

Alderman says very aware of the deficits of services and infrastructure present in the districts, although the inhabitants of the same make the same efforts that residents of the town in terms of contribution to the municipal coffers to provide services.

Therefore, states that "it is my will, and the government team, balancing the extent of the possibilities and resources that are available, the situation of the districts equating it to the city. By increasing the quality of life of the residents and the services they receive. "

It also stresses that "the absorbent dynamics in the daily management of totanero consistory does not allow me personally to approach every corner to check any deficiencies that may be suffering the people living in these areas."

Remember to fill this circumstance, there is the figure of the representative or mayor / mayor headman;

who "legally, it is the person who I as Mayor, delegated to act on behalf of the Mayor in the districts of Totana".

To do this, we proceeded recently initiated the legislature to elect mayors and pedáneos mayors, through an open and participatory process in which every neighbor could express democratically their vote, or present, electing or confirming their representatives to the institution.

The new village headman are: Paretón-Cantareros (Paqui Caballero), La Sierra (Salvador Murcia), The Raiguero (Ana Maria Garcia), Vinas-Carivete (Rosa Tudela), La Huerta (Mari Carmen Tapia), Lebor (Conchi Blazquez) , Costera La (Esperanza Martínez) and Morti (María José Romero).

The mayor recalled that "each and every one of these people, they act democratically as representatives of the Mayor and the government team";

so it is desirable that the concerns, suggestions or problems are channeled through the figure of the mayor or headman mayor.

Subsequently, it is noted that, in turn, will be through the body of the Board of pedáneos which will be addressed and transferred to the City Council and in the extent possible, will try to solve them, whether individualized or collective specific problems.

Finally, the mayor indicated that it wishes and hopes that among everyone, can boost this figure to strengthen democratic citizen participation and approach the City Council as an institution and government, until the last corner of the municipality.


The mayor urged residents of the county councils to use new village headman as a vehicle for transmission of their needs and demands to the City - 1

19/3/2016 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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