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 Win Totana solidarity with Refugees "at the inhuman agreement European Union - Turkey"

The deal includes three conditions for Europe: increase of EUR 3,000 million for Turkey to meet refugees, exempt their citizens need visas to travel to the EU and to advance the process of joining the EU club.

Europe expel refugees fleeing areas of conflict, and come looking for help is not admissible, and its clear illegality is morally and legislatively uncertain.

Because it is very important to distinguish between so-called economic migrants, who are not subject to persecution and war victims.

Both the United Nations Organization as associations and humanitarian NGOs prestige, such as UNHCR and Amnesty International, question the legal basis of the agreement in principle reached.

Arguing reasons, as Europe expel Turkey to all migrants and asylum seekers flee conflict or persecution or, and realojará only Syrians.

"An agreement seems that establishes the direct expulsion of aliens to a third country is not consistent with European law and with international humanitarian law," said UNHCR spokeswoman at the UN.

As we also share the reasons spokesperson for Amnesty International when referring to the following;

"For every Sirio returned, Europe is committed to relocate to another is inhumane The EU leaders put aside most importantly.. Respect for human rights Exchanging people by people, dehumanizes and is not the solution to the crisis. . what they should do is create legal and safe routes to not have to risk their lives at sea "

For these reasons, from the Municipal Group Win Totana, will endorse the position that has been adopted in other Spanish municipalities to protest against this measure, we consider acts against the fundamental rights of human beings, removing our institution Flag European Union.

For nothing is a gesture that has to do with our attitude towards all the people that make up Europe, but a measure of protest action at this point we can not share in any way.


17/3/2016 Source: Ganar Totana IU


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