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 The government team meets with the College of Architects of Murcia

The government team recently met with representatives of the Governing Board of the College of Architects of Murcia in order to know your opinion on the status and process of drafting the document of land-use planning Municipal (PGOUM).

The Mayor of Totana, Juan José Canovas, accompanied by the first deputy mayor, Andres Garcia and Town Planning, Carlos Ballester, met with the dean of the College of Architects of the Region, Antonio García Herrero and Secretary thereof, María José Peñalver Sanchez.

Municipal officials reported the political and legal situation in which the document is discussed and approved by the plenary of the motion which reflected the procedures to be followed to final approval by the Autonomous Community.

Local authorities, who met at the request of the dean of the College of Architects, also wanted to see first hand the technical guidance of the plan by the collegial body based on the situation you are in, and obtain another source of information rather than expand professional perspectives and approaches to it.

The new Working Committee of the General Municipal Management Plan met for the first time a few weeks ago in order to advance the correction of errors in the document.

He agreed to work on the correction of errors and once it is approved, in parallel, to a process of consensual modification of the plan.

At the moment updates on specific issues relating to document further coordination meetings will be held while the views of professional and social groups pressed arise.

The plenary and adopted at its January session, immediately convene such Working Committee, composed of one representative from each Municipal Group, chaired by the mayor and the presence of representatives of employers, unions, professional associations of Engineers of Public Works , Architects, Surveyors and the drafting team of the current plan.

In addition, it was agreed, after evaluation in the Working Committee and the report of the municipal officers, correct errors and technical deficiencies that were requested by the Ministry of Public Works in July 2015.

In parallel, it was decided to begin a period of consultation with technicians, professionals and citizens to develop a timetable to amend the General Plan once approved by the autonomous region, adapting it to the Land Law, supplying the amendments considered and the Plenary has committed.

The Working Committee will control the time and work of the error handling and the startup process of future modifications and updates of the General Plan.


The government team meets with the College of Architects of Murcia - 1

The government team meets with the College of Architects of Murcia - 2

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14/3/2016 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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