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The price of housing for rent in the Region of Murcia rises 7.3% in the second quarter


| The price of the square meter is established in the community at 6.6 euros | According to the latest idealista price report, the price of housing for rent in the Region of Murcia grew 7.3% during the second quarter of the year, according to the latest idealista price report.

With this increase, the square meter has remained at 6.6 euros and the interannual increase at 3.9%. The city of Murcia closed the second quarter with an increase of 3.4%, which raised the price to 7.1 euros / m2.

The highest increase was recorded in San Pedro del Pinatar (6.5%), followed by the 5.1% increase in Cartagena.

In Torre-Pacheco, on the other hand, the drop was 3.9%.

The municipalities of Los Alcázares (-3.3%), San Javier (-1.6%) and Mazarrón (-1.5%) also recorded decreases in rental income. According to Fernando Encinar, head of studies at Idealista, "the market has been practically closed for the last three months.

The crisis caused by the coronavirus has prevented the moves and visits to new homes, so the owners have not been seen in the need to lower the price of their rental properties.

Once opened, the first adjustments in rents begin to appear, which are already reflected in idealista's quarterly report.

The data for falls is more moderate than might be expected, although Negative month-on-month rates are already beginning to show what could become a new downtrend, but even as in the buying and selling market, markets with higher demand may experience less of the impact of the crisis and recover earlier ,being able to return before the end of the year to the trend that was registered at the beginning of 2020.

" Slight upticks at the national level The price of rental housing in Spain has increased by 1.2% during the second quarter of 2020, to leave the square meter at 11.3 euros per month.

In the interannual rate, growth reaches 3.4%, while in the monthly rate it has decreased by 0.6%.

The price drops only in the Balearic Islands. In the city of Barcelona, ??prices have decreased 1.3% since March, although the fall in the last month has reached 4.7%.

The square meter has been situated at 16.8 euros / m2.

Despite these falls, prices remain 1.6% more expensive than a year ago. Madrid ends spring with a quarterly rise in the price of housing rental of 1.4%, which puts the price of the square meter in the capital at 16.6 euros (3% more than a year ago).

Even so, the monthly rate for June is negative: -1.1%. The rental price rose 0.9% in Valencia during the second quarter (although it has risen 6.5% year-on-year in the last month they have dropped 1.7%).

This rise has left the price of the square meter at 9.4 euros. Ourense is the capital in which the rental price has grown the most in the last quarter, with an increase of 11.1%.

The increase registered in Pontevedra (5.9%) and Segovia, where they have risen by 5.1%, followed by Cáceres (4.9%), has also been considerable. On the opposite side is Almería, where the owners ask for 5% less than a quarter ago to rent their homes.

The declines of Soria (-4.5%), Girona (-4.2%), Castellón de la Plana (-3.6%), Cuenca (-2.7%) and Bilbao (-2.2) followed.

%). Barcelona is consolidated as the most expensive capital (16.8 euros / m2), followed by Madrid (16.6 euros / m2) and San Sebastián (14.5 euros / m2).

At the bottom of the table we find Zamora (5.2 euros / m2), Ciudad Real (5.3 euros / m2), Cáceres (5.5 euros / m2), Cuenca and Lugo (5.6 euros / m2) in both cases), the cheapest capitals. The idealista property price index * Starting with the report for the first quarter of 2019, at idealista we updated the methodology for creating our reports.

After the incorporation of idealista / data, new calculation formulas have been included that provide even more robustness to the analysis of price developments, especially in small areas.

To avoid jumps in our series, the data since 2007 has been recalculated with the new methodology. On the recommendation of the statistical team at idealista / data, we updated the formula to find the average price with more certainty: in addition to eliminating out-of-market and out-of-market ads, we calculated the median value instead of the median value.

With this change, in addition to further refining our report to the reality of the market, we standardize our methodology with those applied in neighboring countries to obtain real estate data. We include from now on the typology of single-family housing (chalets) and we discard the properties of any typology that have been in our database for a long time without obtaining user interaction.

The report continues to be based on the offer prices published by idealista advertisers.

The price of housing for rent in the Region of Murcia rises 7.3% in the second quarter, Foto 1

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