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The Intersindical of the Murcian Region demands that the experience of COVID-19 serve to shield free, universal and 100% public public services


The Union of Workers of the Murcian Region LA INTERSINDICAL demands the protection of all Public Administration personnel who are at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19: health, dependency, elderly and cleaning.

The Intersindical of the Murcian Region is firm in what must be a common fight for the entire State, the defense of free, universal and 100% public Public Services.

The Intersindical demands, not only that everything stolen during this last decade be recovered, especially the recovery of the 35 hours a week that involves the hiring of thousands of people, but also demands that we go further and expand the public sector until we are equal, at least , at the Scandinavian levels.

We want to remember that we have been denouncing the decline in public services, the lack of human and material resources, the necessary renovation of obsolete public centers and the privatization of essential services for more than a decade.

With this health and social crisis, it is demonstrated that our commitment has always been and will be the defense of the welfare state that reaches all citizens in equality and equity.

Environmental organizations and the scientific community have been warning for years that an epidemic of these dimensions could occur and become cyclically recurring.

The reality of climate change and of a globalized capitalist economy whose ultimate goal is to obtain profit at the cost of depleting the natural environment and people's lives and the rights of workers, places us in a scenario in which the The economic model in which we live is unsustainable and dangerous for the very survival of the species and the planet.

We demand, therefore, the nationalization of the strategic sectors of the economy, the direct public management of public services and all work related to them, from cleaning to waste management, through water management, dining rooms, attention to elderly and dependent people, etc.

We demand that the private sector immediately and permanently serve the public sector in order to develop an economy that is truly at the service of the interests of the working social majority and not of privileged minorities.

The Intersindical of the Murcian Region requires, immediately, that all work teams that are front line against COVID-19 are protected.

It is urgent that all people have the necessary material to protect themselves, guarantee safe work spaces that prevent contagion and, of course, respect for their labor rights, the right to occupational health and that of reconciliation with family life.

The Intersindical is aware of the enormous effort that we are making, on the part of the entire society, but remembers that some of the people who are facing COVID-19 belong to sectors that are severely punished by neoliberal measures and face a lack of personnel and material to the virus, being in the care of a risk sector, such as the elderly and dependents.

We demand the necessary increase in staff immediately and permanently, their adequate protection and the guarantee that their work will be carried out in safe spaces with rigorous attention to the rights of male and female workers.

The Intersindical also wants to remember that precisely those who are most exposed to contagion are feminized sectors, especially punished by the cuts and the lack of job and economic security.

Health, cleaning, care of the elderly and dependents, supermarkets ... Feminized jobs that, in many cases are outsourced and with low wages, compared to jobs in the same category but with a greater male presence (we are talking about a wage gap).

The Intersindical of the Murcian Region requires recovering the direct management by the different public administrations, the necessary measures to guarantee that the work done is done safely and that all necessary measures are taken to guarantee the reconciliation of work and family life, because unfortunately, it is still the women who take care of the care at home as well.

We demand recognition at the state level of article 189 of the ILO on domestic work, to equate once and for all this central work with the rest of the work.

We demand special attention for those who are performing care tasks in the informal economy, a particularly vulnerable sector that is also part of the global care network, which allows households in this country and its most vulnerable members to be cared for by women. migrated, in many cases without papers and without any security or legal protection.

The Intersindical wants to appeal to all of society to reflect on how this crisis is being managed in our homes, how the difference in income makes this quarantine pass better or worse depending on the money you have, the house you have, if there are books, internet access, leisure spaces, balconies or terraces, or windows that open onto an interior patio.

You cannot work and care at the same time.

What society is this that we have built that allows elderly people to be alone and isolated, with very few resources, some of them, again mainly women.

How you can work and at the same time take care of daughters and sons without a network of care.

The Inter-union demands that care be put at the center, that life becomes the priority, that we have, at once, an economy for the planet and for people.

It demands that the way out of this crisis strengthen the Welfare State that is so necessary nowadays.

The Intersindical of the Murcian Region demands that the experience of COVID-19 serve to shield free, universal and 100% public public services, Foto 1

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