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CCOO and UGT criticize the post president for his "dire" crisis management "using the public postal service to wash his image"


"after exposing thousands of workers to the spread of the coronavirus"

The CCOO and UGT unions have strongly criticized the unfortunate management of the crisis by the President of the Post Office, Juan Manuel Serrano, for not being up to the health crisis the country is experiencing and his stubbornness in using the public postal service as an instrument at the service of their image without responding to the needs of the millions of citizens confined in their homes.

Unions accuse the Correos president of having kept thousands of the staff without PPE for 10 days, with high exposure to the virus, for his efforts to give an efficient image to the Government.

Such irresponsibility has led to almost 5% (2,500 postal workers) being quarantined.

Even today, many workers are still being forced to work without gel, gloves, or facemasks, including previous threats from files.

The instructions that, bypassing all Union Organizations, imposed by Mr. Serrano on March 15 on the operation of Postal Services, in addition to absolute nonsense, ignored the Royal Decree (RD) of the state of alarm on day 14 in which the Government gave very clear and categorical instructions on the nature of the public services to be provided and the level of protection required of workers.

The President of Correos despised the union proposals (consistent with the RD) of CCOO and UGT in which we called to prioritize the role of Correos as a public service with implantation throughout the State to put it to provide essential and useful services to confined citizens , such as medicines, pharmaceuticals, food products, press distribution, and other services linked to public health or essential for the population.

The facts speak for themselves.

On Monday, March 16, thousands of workers went to work without PPE, a situation that has lasted for 10 days, with high exposure to the virus, for their efforts to give an "image" of efficiency to the Government. .

Such irresponsibility has led to almost 5% (2,500 postal workers) being quarantined and growing every day.

Even today, many employees continue to be pressured to work without gel, gloves, or masks.

Which is being hidden.

The last smokescreen of the President of the Post Office, to try to dispel the scandal of his irresponsibility in the management of the COVID-19 in the Post Office, has been the launch of some proposals that already existed since before the RD (he had union proposals on the table since before Monday the 16th), such as taking the most needed people (elderly, poorly mobile, quarantined, etc.) through the logistics network and the Postal Service, medical and basic necessities.

The union measures and proposals mentioned, absolutely essential and necessary for Spanish society at this time, have only been decided to use (partially and without the support of a serious and rigorous and consensual project that guarantees their effectiveness) when the President of the Post Office has considered that He had "personal image" problems after the CCOO and UGT complaints about their irresponsible management of the crisis.

Now he intends to launch these humanitarian projects in a hurry, in such a hasty and voluntary manner that he has not even wanted to previously inform the unions (which we have learned from the press) to establish the organizational criteria for human resources.

The aforementioned reflects a management practice that has been common since the first day of Mr. Serrano at Correos.

Put the cult before your personal image before giving answer to the problems.

At the moment, neither the country nor the Post Office are for image operations, but rather to give a serious, effective and humble response (like the one given every day by thousands of public employees) to the virus.

CCOO and UGT have once again demanded that the President of the Post Office rectify his attitude, that he guarantee the total safety of his staff against the coronavirus and put the Public Mail at the service of the citizenry and not his own.

CCOO and UGT criticize the post president for his "dire" crisis management "using the public postal service to wash his image", Foto 1

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