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The Municipal People's expressed "surprise at the sudden concern by IU + LV on the economic situation of the municipality"


The Municipal People's Totana group has expressed its surprise at the "sudden" concern of IU + Greens on the economic situation of the City.

The surprise of the popular group is due to IU, "has lost some great opportunities to demonstrate a sincere concern."

First, in the 1999-2003 legislature, as reminiscent of the popular "IU ruled in coalition with the PSOE multiplying exponentially staff costs and current expenditure rose while significantly taxes the residents of Totana.

"This disastrous management of IU and the PSOE, say from the popular group," led to a recognized debt of more than 21 million euros, to which we must add another 12 million euros of debts contracted by municipal corporations coalition that used to hide debt and to "plug in" to his friends. "

Segñun PP, secondly, at the beginning of the current legislature, despite the "lies of the government of Zapatero" on the economic situation, the current government team, anticipating the evolution of the economy, launched an Economic Plan Financial, where IU did not have "the decency to participate in the preparation of this document, despite the insistence of the mayor, and the high was when IU voted against the economic plan when it is submitted for approval at the July plenary 2007. "

Claim that "the Economic and Financial Plan of the City of Totana is a plan that sets guidelines for establishing a policy of austerity, cost control and reduction of loss-making services."

They add that "as an example of the measures implemented under the Economic and Financial Plan, which opposed IU, thus missing important opportunities to support the government team to solve the economic situation of the municipality and the municipality, the Municipal People's Party lists include:

- The new contract award from the Residence "La Purisima", allowing a reduction of EUR 600,000 deficit caused by this service to the municipal coffers

- The process to award a new management at the Municipal Pool Deck, will settle an annual deficit of 300,000 euros and that will substantially improve the service

- The important measures to combat unemployment and implementation of the Training Workshop, which will employ 32 young unemployed, plus 17 young recruits in the City Council also unemployed and will hire 110 workers for agricultural unemployment.

- The government team also fell by 5 million budget in 2008 compared to 2007, thus anticipating the reduction of income of the institution.


On the other hand, the Municipal People are surprised at the sudden concern for the productive sectors IU, when this group does nothing more than trying to entrepreneurs as criminals, thereby discouraging any investor in the municipality with the significant impact this is negative for totaneros "as the popular.

"The ultimate absurdity," according to the Popular Party, "there was only a few days ago when the two mayors of the IU group attacked the promoters of the development of the scale investment" will do much good to the local economy "."

Therefore, the Municipal People's Party calls on IU "electioneering ends his speech if he really cares about the local economy stop attacking all investors and make constructive contributions to the team of government."

Finally, from the Popular Party, announced that "in addition to the Financial and Economic Plan and the Economic Recovery Plan of the Municipality, Mayor, José Martínez Andreo, report in the coming days of a complete set of austerity measures and expenditure control, while never compromising the quality of public services, social policies and large productive investments such as the new charter schools or Totana Health Center South, among others. "


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