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This weekend full of victories over the teams table tennis Totana Club


National 3rd.

Ship B 4 3 --- Totana.

Another win-resolved double 3rd team.

On Saturday evening the party was held at the Youth Center Youth Space Ship Bacons Bridge.

Paco Marin, Eugenio Sandoval and Juan Luis Garcia played by locals and regulars Andrew D.

Ros, Julian Mendez and Julian Ceron by the team of Totana.

Andrew began with Marin.

Marin scored the first game 14-16 but the following three were for Andrew.

The 2nd game was point for locals as Julian was down 2-3 with Eugenio.

After not getting Ceron rate against Juan Luis winning 1-3.

The next game between Andrew and Eugene was the best and most important of the afternoon.

The Bacons Bridge was put 0-2 but Andrew, after winning the third game in the benefits, then clearly imposed and circled the score 3-2.

With the score at 2-2 overall Ceron again yielded the point, 0-3 to Paco Marin.

The overall the score at 3-3 he succeeded Julian surpassing Juan Luis 3-0.

In the doubles partner again totanera Julian Andres took the victory 3-1 Marin-Garcia.

Next Day 3rd National:

The next weekend takes place the day 20 in the Totana receive in Hall B Manolo Ibáñez Alsa City of Cartagena.

The game will be on Saturday 18 at 11 am.

Autonomic DH.

CJ Bajo El Palmar 2 - Totana Promises 4.

Win of the small club in the match held at the Fitness Institute of El Palmar.

Meritorious considering that in the first leg victory went to the El Palmar 0-6.

Promises Totana lined by Juan Pedro and twins Domingo and Santiago and those of El Palmar Juan Manuel Serna, Julio Mateo Tenza and Vivancos.

The first point was for locals as Juan Pedro, despite making a good game, yielding just 2-3 with Julio Tenza.

After Sunday with a very complete game Serna won 3-1.

The next point was again for totaneros to overcome Mateo Santiago 3-1.

Juan Pedro again went without scoring despite playing well and was down 2-3 again this time with Serna.

In point of new James getting a 3-1 win before a Tenza irregular.

The point that I was getting the meeting closed Sunday winning 3-1 Matthew.

Autonomic DH next day:

The next match will be Saturday Promises Totana 18th at 11 am in Hall against Team Manolo Ibáñez Churra CTM.

Regional 1st:

- TM School Murcia 1 - Totana TM School 4.

- School Totana TM 5 - Juan Palao Peña Yecla 0.

3rd Day rally in the Flour mill Hall of Mazarrón.

Two more wins for the team Table Tennis School which again consisted of Raul Arias, Mario Lopez and Juan Mateos that these results are placed second in the team standings after the School of El Palmar.

Fixtures 1st Regional.

The next focus will be on Saturday May 25 from 10 am in Hall José Ortega Chumilla of Yecla in which our will face two teams from El Palmar, CJ TM School and School Under IES TM El Palmar.

Open Autonomy II Veterans.

Third place Sunday.

On Sunday 12 at the Prince of Asturias Pavilion Murcia II the upcoming season autonomic Open the veterans category.

Julian Ceron second group was so worth it to get into the final table where he faced Sunday raffle that had been first in his group.

3-1 for Sunday was going well the first round at the expense of another totanero.

In the quarterfinals 3-0 Sunday exceeded Eugenio Sandoval of La Nave.

In the semifinal on a good game Sunday fell eliminated in a tight 3-2 by Francisco Molina after this second stay Open champion Veterans.

This weekend full of victories over the teams table tennis Totana Club, Foto 1
This weekend full of victories over the teams table tennis Totana Club, Foto 2

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