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PP president of Totana reports that "the Government of Spain will go up by 2% despite the pension crisis"


PP president of Totana, Bartholomew Peņalver, has criticized the decision of the PSOE in the Regional Assembly asking that reassess pensions Rajoy has already announced that it will rise to 2 percent next year despite the crisis .

Peņalver thinks is "indecent" that socialists demand explanations for pensions when it was they who ruled the frozen when Zapatero and when was the PP in 1997 who created the Reserve Fund has so far allowed to continue paying them.

Also, create "shameful" that the PSOE de Murcia pension even talk when, as he explained, "the PSOE even breached the Act in 2008 and in 2009 and threatened to not sign the Fund 14,000 million euros of the Social Security surplus. This figure, as stated, "is five times more than they had to use this government so far to guarantee citizens the charges."

Totana popular president says that "the Socialist Party manipulates information and misinform about the most vulnerable, regardless of threatening the peace and welfare of many people who rely solely on this income," which shows, from their point of view, "without the slightest vocation of service to citizens."

According Peņalver, the PSOE aims to create confusion to the Spanish, deceiving in this case to the elderly.

He recalled that one of the first measures taken by the government of Mariano Rajoy was revaluing pensions in 2012, and this year again the PP government will maintain a 1% appreciation in 2013, in addition to the great effort to increase up to 2% for pensioners of up to 1,000 euros, "almost 75% of our country's pensioners will see their pension increased by more than expected in January," she added

In this sense, Peņalver stressed that Rajoy's government has taken in less than a year, three very important decisions in the Social Security system for the output of the crisis does not fall on the most vulnerable.

He says that "first general has increased by 1% pension, now is increased by 2% of pensioners receive less pay for 2013 and also the PP has definitely separate funding sources for Social Security Downloading the financing system of non-contributory pensions. "

What the PP and the government are concerned Rajoy 3 million Social Security contributors that Spain has lost and that is generating a high voltage system deficit causing liquidity "he said.

In his opinion, the pensions are guaranteed in our country "thanks to which, fortunately, a PP government in 1997 established the Reserve Fund Social Security can meet pension spending when spending is higher than income of contributors, as in the current situation. "

PP president of Totana reports that "the Government of Spain will go up by 2% despite the pension crisis", Foto 1

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