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2 nd National: La Peña Barcelonista ensures the permanence in a game of tension] | Peña Barcelonista Totana 4-2 CTM Jaen Beka Kitchens |

The Club Totana Table Tennis will have another year representation in 2nd National (if the budget allows) because the team Peña certified the afternoon of Saturday 19 residence to beat an opponent that this defeat is left without options dwell positions.

It was a very tense match to stay in the game and began losing totaneros though, kept the bar very high throughout the match.

The team owners were Domingo Mendez Pena, Higinio Gonzalez and Vicente Carreño.

The triplet of the formed Pedro Jaén Jimenez Blas Lopez and Alberto Garcia.

He started the game with Higinio and Pedro Jimenez.

The set of Mazarron elusive rhythm by Jaen in the first two games, but Pedro Jimenez reacted and took the game to the fifth game.

Higinio was very insecure and the rest seized his rival again in the fifth game to take the match.

After an initial setback in a game which provided important Domingo Mendez went to meet Blas Lopez.

The totanero was always ahead on the scoreboard and gave no choice in the veteran Blas Lopez to get into the fight for victory.

Results 3-0 for Sunday that tied the match at 1.

Time by Vicente Carreño and Alberto Garcia totaneros by Jaén.

The party was planned for totanero difficult but it was not: controlled the game with a very safe game, unlike his rival, so they took the game 3-0.

The Pena stood up on the scoreboard 2-1.

Much excitement in the room to witness a decisive match: Sunday Mendez was measured before Peter Jimenez.

Sunday started well but the jienense tied the game when, after the sixth Sunday put up and moved 2-1 up despite a good game of his rival.

In the fourth game of Jaen lost his nerve when Domingo was placed with advantage too sharply and hit the table (even left its mark on the punch table) and the referee showed, quite rightly, a yellow card.

With 9-5 for Thursday came the worst moment of the game, a hit by Pedro Jimenez left the table for quite a distance, but it seemed well to that of Jaén, incredibly, accused of unsporting to Sunday.

The game was stopped a few minutes with this issue with rifirrafes between Jaen and some viewers.

Returning to resume Sunday continued his great play and took the fourth game 11-6.

The sentence could Peña victory in the fifth game between Higinio Gonzalez and Alberto Garcia, and it was: great game that hit a 3-0 Higinio to Jaen with a very complete game.

The match was therefore put in 4-1 pro sentenciaban totaneros that the victory and permanence.

With the game out now resolved to the table to be measured Santiago Aledo Blas Lopez.

"Santi" made a rather uneven match but came to the fifth game in which he dominated his opponent was.

3-2 win for the makeup of Jaén and the score, leaving it in a 4-2 for the Rock.

Great match and just win the Rock that if the budget allows, let the team in 2nd National Totana third consecutive year.


On Sunday, 20 am, with the permanence assured, debuted in 2nd National Mendez and Andres Julian David Ros, who accompanied Vicente Carreño.

A totaneros lacked a bit of luck at key moments and could not be done with any of their games but only one of them ended in 3-0.

The three owners of Granada were Rafael Casares, Francisco Rosa and Isidro Rodriguez.

He started the match with Julian and "Francis" Rosa.

The tuneless totanero started slowly but improved in the game to clinch the third set, but eventually succumbed by 1-3 against a tough opponent.

The Granada opened the scoring in his favor.

In the second game debuted face Rafael Andrés Casares.

The totanero was ahead on the scoreboard but in the last moments of each game was losing and his rival was fortunate enough to come back and be done with all three games so very close.

Result 3-0 to Casares which put the 0-2 on the scoreboard.

Time Vicente Carreño and Isidro Rodriguez.

Vicente bad game, which was surprised by a very complete player throughout the match.

Lost 1-3 and 0-3 Vicente for Cajagranada.

For the fourth game came back to deal with Julian Mendez Rafael Casares.

In what was the second game of Julian in 2nd National fell again defeated by 1-3 to start ahead despite more than convincing in the first set, then improved to be above Granada 2-1.

Julian in the fourth game did not start well and had to save four match points to reach the same, where this time he took the fifth ball of Rafael Casares to sentence the MLC CajaGranada victory that put the score 0-4.

Fifth match with Vicente Carreno and Francisco Rosa on the table.

While Vincent was placed 2-1 up, the Granada rallied and took the victory in the match more equal in the morning.

Last game of the season for FC Barcelona Peña Totana which Ros and Isidro face Andres Rodriguez.

Andrew started badly unlike his rival who was ahead 2-0.

In the third game Andrew and did play with ease and very offensive enough to beat forcefully, but in the fourth game back from Granada recovered the command so the final score stood at 0-6 in favor of CTM CajaGranada.



Promises CADE Young, James, Dominic and Toni, could not come up with victory in this match against a top team in Division de Honor Autonomic, but lacked less than expected.

An unfortunate injury Sunday at the end of his first game and made it impossible to win against a tough opponent formed by Miguel Molina, José María Ibarra and Mark Gutierrez.

Totaneros points and Dominic James got them beating Marc Gutierrez 3-1 and 3-2 respectively; add that ended Sunday injured wrist at the end of the game but could do with a narrow victory by 11-9 in the fifth set.

For his part, Miguel Molina was impossible for totaneros and took two points by defeating "Toni" and Santiago.

Jose Maria Ibarra also met its match against a 3-0 "Toni" and in the sixth game of the match had to be measured before Sunday, but the injury totanero the party could not last more than a game.


Promises CADE played the day No. 21, second last, on Saturday May 26 at 17 hours in Churra to be measured in an important game against a team that totaneros were defeated 3-4 in the first round

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