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The Municipal Water Service urges residents to make responsible and rational use of water and announces a campaign against counter fraud


Taibilla only insures water for consumption in the Region's homes until January;

and has closed the hydrological year with 3 percent more resources, especially desalination |

The Municipal Water Service of Totana City Council has urged the residents to make a "responsible and rational" use of water in the face of the very delicate situation of water resources in the Region of Murcia;

and announces an ambitious and demanding campaign against fraud in the counters of the service in this municipality.

This department, in collaboration with the Local Police, will soon start an inspection campaign to avoid fraud by manipulating accountants and other rogue procedures that are damaging the performance of services and the general interest of users and subscribers.

The Councilor for Water and Sewer, Antonia Camacho, has ensured that this initiative seeks to promote "rigorously" an efficient and effective performance of service networks;

and for this, we must prevent situations that harm the majority of neighbors who comply with the regulations and the proper use of these.

The mayor advocated a "reasonable" use of the service at this time of so much drought;

for which he requested "civic collaboration" from subscribers and announced that this campaign seeks to find situations of fraud that are occurring and that does not allow us to determine the performance of the network.

The municipal technicians are going to pursue the testaments of subscribers who clandestinely manipulate water meters and perform, in some cases, illegal outlets by the installation of hoses to the general network.

The sanctions can be high, ranging from 2,000 to 40,000 euros, according to the councilor of the branch.

These situations are going to be evaluated by the municipal legal services to know the legal or procedural consequences of these reprehensible and unsupportable behaviors with the rest of the citizenship, he says.

These situations have already been found in swimming pools, country houses, livestock farms and homes located in rural areas;

where seals have already been installed to avoid the support of these reprehensible actions by the users.

This decision is being carried out in a coordinated way by several municipal areas, as explained the councilor, within the measures of management and stabilization of the service.

Alarming and very worrying situation

The scarcity of water and drought, and the use of the desalination plants to cope with the contributions that no longer exist in the Tajo-Segura transfer is the worrying diagnosis made by the Commonwealth of Taibilla Channels (MCT) in the face of the alarming situation as to water resources offered this autumn to supply the municipalities of the Region of Murcia and southern Alicante and Albacete, which depend on about 2.5 million inhabitants.

The balance of the already completed hydrological year 2016-2017 reflects an increase in the production of resources in the Commonwealth of 3% in relation to the previous hydrological year.

The lack of resources from the Tajo-Segura transfer (the last shipment from the head of the Tagus River to drink was in May) has been replaced by a higher increase in desalinated water from both the desalination plants of the Canales del Taibilla (two of Alicante and two of San Pedro del Pinatar), which in recent months have operated to the maximum of its production.

Water from the desalination plants of Acuamed (Aguilas, Torrevieja and, in particular, Valdelentisco) has also been added.

Extraordinary resources have also been provided by the Segura Hydrographic Confederation (CHS), through the allocation of drought wells in the El Molar aquifer or the authorization for water rights assignment agreements signed with the municipalities of Hellín (Albacete) and Abarán.

In short, the collection of water from these different sources has allowed MCT to close the year without restrictions in supplying populations.

In figures, the Commonwealth had 53.2 hm3 of the Taibilla River;

62.5 of desalinated water from our own plants;

of other desalination plants, 3.3 hm3;

of Tajo-Segura, 54.7;

and extraordinary resources17,3 hm3.

In total, this year has supplied 191 hm3.

If the supply is saved from the cuts, the same does not happen in irrigation.

Meanwhile, reservoirs in the Segura basin have again lost 2 hm3 this week, with reserves in 160 cubic hectometres (14% of their total capacity);

which is 92 cubic hectometres less than the same date of the previous year.

The Municipal Water Service urges residents to make responsible and rational use of water and announces a campaign against counter fraud, Foto 1

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