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The implementation of the 4G continues to create problems in the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) signal in some areas of Totana


It is urged to report the incidences to the management entity "arri800"

A free telephone number, number 900 833 999, has been activated for citizens or neighborhood communities that have incidents

The City of Totana reports that because of the implementation of the mobile 4G network in the 800 MHz band, in recent days problems are being generated in the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) signal in some receivers of citizens whose homes are located Next to the stations of mobile telephony.

In order to resolve these incidents, if they happen to occur, mobile operators have delegated these functions to the management entity 'arri800', which has enabled a free telephone, the 900 833 999, to solve it.

It can also be done through the website, so that this help service can reach any user who may be affected.

As a preventive action, citizens residing in the potential affected area will receive a communication at their home that will inform them that from that moment, they can request the adaptation of the antenna of their building to avoid possible incidents, due to the impending on In its area of ​​a 4G node in the 800 Mhz band.

Mobile operators are already offering 4G services.

This new technology makes it possible to achieve very high-speed mobile connections, improve coverage within buildings and achieve higher levels of geographical penetration, particularly in rural areas.

4G mobile services will use the 800MHz frequency previously used by digital terrestrial television (DTT), so the TV signal may be affected by interference.

Viewers watching TV via optical fiber, satellite or Internet will not be interfered with.

Steps to follow:

If you live in a collective building, talk to the President of your Community of Owners or your Farm Manager to contact arri800 by phone at 900 833 999. If you live in an individual house, contact arri800 directly at 900 833 999 .

In addition to the previous actions, in some cases, there could be damages in the television reception once the emissions began.

In this case, citizens will also be able to request arri800, for a period of 6 months, to carry out the necessary technical actions to guarantee the reception of the television service.

These performances will also be free for users.

In any case, if you have any doubts about this process or if you notice problems with TV reception, contact arri800.

The Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) has warned of this possibility of setbacks, given the progress of the coverage to 800 megahertz.

Therefore, the Ministry of Industry, together with the FEMP and the Spanish consistories, have launched an information campaign in the face of setbacks that the user may encounter with this advance of technology in which the City of Motril is collaborating.

The mobile telephony emissions will occur in the band adjacent to Digital Terrestrial Television, so it is possible that the reception of the television signal may be affected in some buildings or homes very close to the mobile telephone stations.

Given that the 4G mobile telephony emissions will be provided over the 800 megahertz frequency band previously used by Digital Terrestrial Television, this can be a source of problems in communities of neighbors and private houses.

The Ministry of Industry has established the procedure of action to solve these types of problems, ensuring that the discomfort to citizens is minimal and its solution free.

The 4G deployment is in line with those established in Royal Decree 805/2014 of 19 September, 1 April 2015, in which the frequencies between 790 and 862 MHz were released (channels 61 to 69 of UHF) that until then were used for the reception of Digital Terrestrial Television, a process also known as Digital Dividend.

Thereafter, these frequencies were assigned to mobile operators to provide their 4G mobile services.

The implementation of the 4G continues to create problems in the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) signal in some areas of Totana, Foto 1

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