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Another judgment of conviction Murcia TJS of the council to return the money of a planning agreement, plus interest


This was announced by the Mayor of Totana, Juan José Canovas, social networks

"Goes on and on! Or GUILT IS THE DEVIL?

They were expressions that used the Eusebia (my grandmother) when something is repeatedly complicated.

"It goes on and on!", Meant that a problem was building up to another, despite the will to solve the first.

It was an expression of rage and rebellion that always accompanied with a curse to DEMON THIEF !, who blamed generic.

Blame the evil is easier when we have nothing else at hand.

The ancient culture of Christianity influences the expression of blame Satan for our problems.

But Franco always blamed the Jewish Masonry and Spanish Communists of all evils.

A little more material was the dictator.

The reality is that, in economic and financial matters of the City of Totana, no one can deny our strong will to stabilize the situation and take a pulse feasibility and sustainability to the future of our people.

One of the three objectives (dignify politics with transparency, setting an example and closeness, stabilize the economic and financial situation and create an environment of civic unity to the future of Totana), the most important from the standpoint of material and pragmatic, it's the economy, without a doubt.

Yesterday, without going any further, we studied and approved in plenary measures refinance municipal debt, which together with other agreements, gives us a glimmer of hope in that goal, although we are still in the black tunnel of despair, but unaffordable discouragement, because we have to get out of this situation and look to the future.

Accompanied minor gestures, but no less important, as the Mayor's salary are lowered by 34%, which sell the luxury car to finance a portion of vehicle needed to transport Handicapped Care Center ... Everyday Savings (40,000 euros budgeted in 2015 for mayor costs only 13,000 euros were used, almost all before June ...) we are giving some modest results.

But yesterday these ... We get another judgment of the Superior Court of Justice of Murcia, which condemns the City of Totana to pay 1,601,948 euros, plus interest (the figure could go to 2 million long) and cancels the agreement, signed in 2006 by Juan Morales with Polaris at the height of Portichuelo in Raiguero Bajo.

In the Raiguero (Upper and Lower) Justice has not let puppet head, negating those of Nuaria (Totem), Yahtzee and now Polaris.

Statements that do not support resource and whose millions are spent in a while and there are no traces in the CMAC.

Remember now when those agreements were signed (For enrichment of a few scoundrels at the expense of neighbors) in the Raiguero Alto and Bajo, they complained because they also wanted Conventions.

Assembly convened in the area, the famous phrase of Morales Are you willing Conventions in Lower?

Then let Coffee for all !.

"Here it gets rich and everyone told stroll mercedes what our PP in Totana ..."

ADDITION AND CONTINUES !, I thought at her, remembering my grandmother.

We step ant with saving measures or debt refinancing and when it seems that going on the road .... WHAM !, comes the "DEMON THIEF!"

and we fuck alive again.

As the mantle of Penelope weaving by day and undid at night, to extend the claims of her suitors, with the dream of him to return Ulysses, the Ayuntamiento (Town of Totana), he has been receiving hammer blows of judgments condemning returns money squandered on years of waste.

But we still hope that we will not relent in our goal to overcome the dismal economic situation left us these 12 years, and as the Eusebia, in the end "come out of this."

Despite the "Demon" and "Zarpazos in the judgments" nullifying agreements or condemning (the people of Totana) to pay debts paid us for years.

Juan Jose Canovas, the mayor of Totana (

Another judgment of conviction Murcia TJS of the council to return the money of a planning agreement, plus interest, Foto 1
Another judgment of conviction Murcia TJS of the council to return the money of a planning agreement, plus interest, Foto 2
Another judgment of conviction Murcia TJS of the council to return the money of a planning agreement, plus interest, Foto 3

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