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The PP Totana complaint cuts in employment in the amendments adopted in the Assembly with the favorable vote of the PSOE, Citizens and we


And that affects the municipality of Totana

"We will urge the Regional Assembly at the plenary session tonight for the month of March, to retrieve the initial budget of the programs Local Public Employment and mixed programs of Employment and Training in the budget of the Assembly for 2016.

The Popular Party of Totana complaint cuts in employment in the amendments adopted in the Assembly with the votes of PSOE, Citizens and Podemos to regional budgets of 2016 and that will affect public employment programs and mixed employment programs They are granted to the City of Totana.

One of the consequences of the irresponsibility of these three groups of the Regional Assembly in proposing the package of amendments to the budgets that produced the government of Pedro Antonio Sanchez, employment directly affects our town negatively.

Totana People's Party regrets that the use of totaneros not one of the priorities for the Socialist Party and Citizens, and they have shown with the presentation of the various amendments to the budgets of the region by 2016.

The regional strategy for job creation driven by the Regional Government launched several employment programs with the collaboration of municipalities running.

Throughout 2015 this has allowed municipalities closest to the citizen administration, have been run directly active employment that enhance employability and improve employment policies through joint programs of employment and training, Local public employment programs or calls for different courses and training projects.

In addition, recipients of these policies have been those groups that are having more difficulty accessing a job, such as young people, women, older than 45 years and long-term unemployed with dependents are.

The amendments to the budgets approved with the favorable votes of the Socialist Party and Citizens we have made a significant budget Deduction for the implementation of these active policies by municipalities.

In this sense they have eliminated call local public employment for youth Youth Guarantee, endowed with EUR 2,100,000 which refuses to approximately 223 young beneficiaries of the Youth Guarantee obtain, in many cases, their first work experience, while developing insert your itinerary.

Also, the general call for local public employment has been reduced its budget from the 2,300,000 recorded in the beginning to 1,000,000 euros result of the amendments adopted by the opposition, so the possibility of developing projects of local public employment reduced more than fifty percent and prevent at least 140 long-term unemployed and people over 45 may have a job opportunity development works or services of social interest.

Finally, the call for mixed employment and training programs has seen its budget minus 2,500,000 euros, which will prevent the achievement of at least nine projects by municipalities and at least 135 people do not obtain a certificate in this way of professionalism while developing paid work for the benefit of the municipality.

It is therefore from the Popular Party of Totana, we will urge the city to the Regional Assembly from the initial budget for these programs recover, because these active policies of great importance for the municipalities of the Region of Murcia. "

The PP Totana complaint cuts in employment in the amendments adopted in the Assembly with the favorable vote of the PSOE, Citizens and we, Foto 1

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