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Juan José Cánovas: "Beyond the jokes and other comadreos ..."


(Works are loves and not vulgar jokes)

This Monday morning, representing the Proinvitosa Society, signed before a Notary a deed of sale to a small company that employs 4 workers.

It is a Modular Ship in which they have been renting for a while and now, in the total price, a portion of the amount paid for that concept is deducted.

It is a modest operation (180,000 euros of income) but that is generating positive results, albeit modest, for the Municipality of Totana.

On the one hand, a productive activity is consolidated after a trial period and on the other, PROINVITOSA (Company with 100% municipal capital), enters an economic amount that distances it from the annual losses that would jeopardize its viability.

In a few days, I will offer data of companies installed in the Polygon and jobs compared 2015-2019.

Also of the managements to fight against the speculation and managements taken to install new investments and activities in the best Industrial Polygon of the A7 from Andalusia to Catalonia and more.

The location, communication and services are important elements in the future of this industrial park for which Ganar Totana and I bet without hesitation for many years, as a source of job creation and wealth generation.

The time in which the Polygon was pasture of speculation, the pelotazos and "bites" or when in this area the meager investment, was limited to a Room of Celebrations or P ... in those times, a lei or I heard complaints from those who now complain about everything a government does that they do not like.

There is much to do.

Especially for the "poisoned inheritance" that we received in 2015. But we are on the way, I can assure you.

What is my obligation to do it and for that I charge?

Nobody doubts that.

The difference is that when others charged triple, they led to the ruin of this town and the Polygon plunged it into a deep black well, some people kept quiet or jumped in Plazas or in Cine Velasco those excesses.

Only by obtaining a "take away" of 2 and a half million euros from the banks, mayors and councilors could collect several years to fulfill their obligation to defend the public and promote employment.

Among other issues no less important.

Juan José Cánovas: "Beyond the jokes and other comadreos ...", Foto 1
Juan José Cánovas: "Beyond the jokes and other comadreos ...", Foto 2
Juan José Cánovas: "Beyond the jokes and other comadreos ...", Foto 3

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