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 JJSS of Totana states that "the emancipation new online office will try to avoid a boycott of the regional government to state aid"

The youth organization welcomes the new portal driven by the Government of Spain for beneficiaries of the Basic Income Emancipation, which will involve a flexible software tool for searching information on aid to the rental of 210 € monthly

Totana Socialist Youth has welcomed the launch of the web , a portal where the Government of Spain will provide that any young person can check the status of their rental assistance.

For the young socialist "This initiative is not only an improvement for the efforts of the Basic Income Emancipation, but management is a guarantee against the institutional boycott has been doing in our Community Regional Government, by discouraging young people them from benefiting from state aid. "

To all those young people who are granted aid will be sent an SMS which will inform the key to access also will report on the income the first month of aid, and send mobile messages to those in which any incident is detected , reporting on the solution of the same, thus making an important follow up with any error of the regional administration. "

Totana Socialist Youth has complained that, while the processing of aid by the Ministry of Housing takes around an average of 38 days in the Murcia region it takes on average between 65 and 70 days to make arrangements for Community, where the term can not be above 60 according to the regulations.

This support is allowing many young people to reduce considerably the need to allocate money to pay rent, but we hope that with these measures to streamline bureaucracy and desired Regional Government's good faith overcome the beneficiary figures in our Region, are close to 2,500 Murcia receiving state aid to the rent assistance that is fully guaranteed and will be further funding from the Ministry in the coming years. "


25/3/2010 Source: JJSS de Totana


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