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 IU accused of "lying to the mayor when he said that opposition groups wanted to eliminate subsidies for Holy Week

"Martínez Andreo, lies and attempts to politicize, so despicable, an official event at the Presidents Guilds, showing that everything goes to attack opposition groups, including the symbols and the history of Totana"

Councilman IU + Greens in Totana, has adamantly denied "the allegations of the mayor, who said at the signing ceremony of Agreement with the Cabildo Processions, that" opposition groups "PSOE and IU + the Greens sought eliminate the subsidy, meaning that if the events of Easter are subsidized by the city council is due to PP and to him ", as relayed from the coalition said in a statement.

"Martínez Andreo, passes the line of acceptable to use the Holy Week processions, as a weapon against political opponents, showing the low political and institutional category boasts ..." says the mayor of the Left, Juan José Canovas.

The Coalition of the Left, remember that "Holy Week and other events and heritage of totaneros totaneras, grass has never been partisan political marketing has been the current mayor, who seek aid patrimonializar Easter, as if was lord and master or the inventor of the grants, aid or Easter totanera same. "

"The same president of the council, had to rectify, saying Totana Easter is for all without distinction", say from IU.

According to IU, "the mayor expelled from the PP for their trouble with the law, trying desperately, blame their situation and that has led to the town of Totana, without assuming their major responsibilities and do not mind using such sensitive issues and delicate as the manifestations of faith and culture that are the heritage of totaneros centuries. "

From IU claim that "not going to enter the provocations that seeks the Mayor, but we will not remain silent before such excesses and false statements that say little of the character which should ensure the functioning of the institution that represents all above partisanship and miserable performances. "

"The aldermen of the UI in the Corporation have never tried get medals in our support of the culture and customs totaneras, while profoundly respecting the processions and religious ceremonies, without trying to have the role you are looking for a way execrable, Martínez Andreo," they conclude from IU.


IU accused of "lying to the mayor when he said that opposition groups wanted to eliminate subsidies for Holy Week - 1

23/3/2010 Source: IU + LV Totana


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