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 Pujante says "gives the impression that Martínez Andreo has been pardoned by the regional government"

The coordinator of IU in the region, José Antonio Pujante, said today that "gives the impression" that the Mayor of Totana, José Martínez Andreo, a suspect in an alleged corruption scheme in that town planning, "has been pardoned by regional government. "

Martínez Andreo thriving stated that "a corrupt from an ethical standpoint, and was surprised because" after a hiatus in which he avoided the picture together, it is now received by the directors of the Government of Murcia. "

"It seems to have been forgiven, which clearly shows the complicity of the PP with the Mayor of Totana and the situation of corruption, which is totally unacceptable and intolerable," he concluded.

The PP of Totana branded Jose Antonio Pujante of "selfish political" and IU + LV in the region of interest is not anything Totana and the problems of the citizens of this county, and just be blind to keep the serial "Totem"

The president of the PP in Totana, Isabelle Nau, has branded as "selfish political" the coordinator of IU in the Region of Murcia, José Antonio Pujante for implying that the regional government has "forgiven" Martínez Andreo after recent meetings that the Mayor Totana had with various representatives of the regional government, coinciding with the start of the new political course.

Nau explained that the coordinator of IU + LV, in the same way that this political party, not interested in anything the problems of the citizens of Totana and underlined that the regional government is not with José Martínez Andreo but residents of this municipality.

Reiterated that IU + LV does not care at all the situation of the City and the problems that families have totaneras by the national economic crisis, but rather that training is haunted by the mayor to resign and maintenance prevail Operation Totem "with the sole purpose of radicalizing the political and social environment of this town and take political advantage and electoral.

He also criticized the double language of Pujante and UI + LV in Totana because on the one hand, complain that the mayor is isolated and, secondly, when he meets with members of the regional government, and critics also complain against general interests of the residents of Totana.

He also said Martínez Andreo has continued to hold meetings and meetings with regional government representatives of the different levels of responsibility in recent months and indicated that this stance gives the interest IU + LV to cripple and hinder investment and progress of this county.

Also, Nau compared this policy "negative and cringing with the procedure employed by the local coordinator Juan José Canovas, who" this summer phoned suppliers and entrepreneurs Totana to stop working the Consistory because, he said, no never would charge "and said that" in situations like this, the breakdown of IU + LV in Totana no brakes. "


30/9/2008 Source: IU región de Murcia / PP Totana


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