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 The Informajoven recorded more than 700 inquiries in the first seven months of the year

to-face service in the service of "Informajoven" of the Youth Council of Totana recorded more than 700 informative consultation from January to July 2013, the most prominent being those relating to employment and training.

Between this highlights the interest in formal education, especially in relation to studies that offer Vocational training cycles, the Official School of Languages, the Induction Program and Adult Continuing Education, in regard to the preparation of entrance exams over 25 and 40 years and FP training cycles.

Regarding non-formal training been enough consultation in regard to courses, the most popular being the computer, entertainment and activity guide.

With regard to employment, consultations have focused on objections, public job boards and work abroad.

The rest of consultations have focused on youth card, entertainment activities and free time, resources and infrastructure like hostels and campaigns of the Office of Youth Tourism, including skiing, trips, work camps and camps.

The "Informajoven" is the Information Center and Youth Advisory Youth Council of the City of Totana, and is located in the center Sociocultural "Jail".

This is a free public service that provides information, advice and guidance to the youth of the town, on issues related to employment, oppositions, tourism, travel, cultural activities, housing, courses, leisure, youth ID cards, awards and competitions, scholarships and grants, youth participation, health, associations and any other topic that is of interest to young people.

The information is from the Informajoven is face and through email.

Also aware of the progress of ICT (Information and Communication) is present in social networks, the most used of Facebook.

Decentralize the information and make it available to as many young people of Totana is one of the functions performed by the Informajoven.

This is done through bulletin boards located in different districts of the town, youth program in the IES correspondents, local information points at different municipal youth website: mailing list email and social networks.

On the other hand the website of the Youth Council has received from January to July of 2013 more than 21,000 visits, and most consulted regarding Courses, Local Employment Centre Youth, Municipal Youth Plan, Health Guide Youth, Leisure Facilities, European Programmes and Calls newsletter.


The Informajoven recorded more than 700 inquiries in the first seven months of the year - 1

7/8/2013 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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