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 The PP team congratulates the Government and political parties for the achievement of consensus regarding the design of the model city of the General Plan

The PP Totana Executive congratulates the government team, with its mayor at the head, Isabel Maria Sanchez Ruiz, and the political parties represented in Parliament, the Popular Party, PSOE and IU, for the achievement of political consensus on an issue important for the citizens of Totana such as General Urban Plan.

The PP is grateful to all political parties to join efforts in the House, through a joint motion was passed yesterday in the sustainable city model in the future will Totana through the General Urban Plan.

Since PP has always been understood that the line of political work through the consensus among all groups represented at City Hall, institutional loyalty and civic interest, so that the PP has always reached out to reach common agreements benefiting all of society.

In this sense, the PP is grateful for the contribution of the representatives of the three political groups and Cebag AEMC and who contributed their input in the planning workbench.

With the achievement of this type of agreement makes clear that this is the way forward in a responsible manner by all political parties, because people want a change in local politics that results in an overall benefit, not confrontation nonsense that do not reach anywhere.

However, the PP expects the work to be done in reference to General Plan continue having this consensus, as it is important that the views of all political groups to be reflected in this document, so important for citizens and for sustainable future for the city.


30/12/2011 Source: PP Totana


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