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 Carrión: "Currently there is no waiting list or any applicant for help at home without receiving the service in the town"

The popular council responsible for Social Welfare, Juan Carrion, has reported that currently does not exist in the town waiting list for any applicant without receiving home help service.

The mayor remarked that, according to official data has shown to date is the eighth-Murcia Autonomous Community which has been a greater number of beneficiaries of the benefits provided by the Law Unit in relation to its population and within this in Totana has solved the 94.47% of the requests made.

In addition, he recalled that since he is responsible for the area of ​​Social Welfare on home help service has significantly increased its coverage from 90 users and 1200 hours monthly allowance of 140 and 1830 hours.

In this regard, he reiterated that 50 local families have gone to receive financial aid system dependency care amounting to more than 25,000 euros per month and have chosen to serve as caregivers in the family environment and that this is incompatible by law to the municipal home help, so if they want to keep will have to choose.

Carrion explained that this option of informal care and non-professionals is well covered by the Law of the Unit and although she prefers the appropriateness of care and professional care said that these grants represent an income much needed in many cases for households and these people.

However, the popular mayor said the clear willingness and determination of the local executive to consolidate the municipal home help and take advantage of this occasion to extend this service to other people who previously were not entitled to it.

In this regard, has reported that it went to provide service to all persons in the existing waiting list and that there is now a single plaintiff in the home help service in the area without this service.

Also, the mayor has been advanced that other measures will be taken to strengthen the service and who will strengthen the adoption of criteria for referral from social workers to professional care services such as home help.

This will affect more than 100 cases pending adjudication of benefits of the Act on Services for the Unit.

In relation to this matter, the mayor has expressed particular surprise at the motion proposed by the Municipal Socialist Group in the City is required to give the home help service to users who need it.

A motion, according to Carrión, the content in their view is an insult to the intelligence of the citizens both in the number of serious accusations and misrepresentations it contains-and challenges-demonstrating, for the free and arbitrary use of terms such as charity and handouts trying to discredit the professionalism of the municipal social services.

Carrión regretted "the levity and insensibility that addresses this issue municipal socialist group and the manipulation of reality and foul play is carried out to mislead the residents of Totana and especially people who have any limitation, disability or dependence on the policies undertaken by the municipal government in this matter.

Has your view is "pathetic" that the municipal group ventures to give lessons on certain social policies when in the course of this legislature has not made any constructive proposal in this regard and when its last direct responsibility in this area was almost 20 years .

It has also been pointed out that the Central Government of Zapatero, who has carried out this year cuts in social issues and in particular dependency.

According to the mayor, the municipal socialist group's attitude is due, as on other occasions, the great indifference, ignorance, and ignorance of the members of this group for such action.

Finally Carrión said he hoped the socialist municipal group members to reflect and to exercise its political responsibility closer to the social reality of the residents of Totana and especially the disabled and dependent persons to participate constructively in improving the solution of the same problems.


Carrión: "Currently there is no waiting list or any applicant for help at home without receiving the service in the town" - 1

28/3/2011 Source: PP Totana. Foto: / Video: Totana.TV


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