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 Adopted by the plenary municipal training program aimed specifically at people at social risk

The Department of Social Welfare files a motion to the full in March to approve a municipal training program for the inclusion of vulnerable people and / or social risk.

The branch councilor explained that this is a municipal program designed to enhance the promotion and effective inclusion of people living in the city that have a disadvantage through their involvement and participation in performances of basic training, social occupational and wage and / or received grants to improve their skills, labor and provide them with a minimum financial resources to meet their basic needs.

These training activities address two additional content: a basic training and personal skills, social and work generic and a specific training aimed at acquiring knowledge and skills to perform a particular work activity.

This program, according to the mayor, intended to serve to set a public strategy that integrates, cake and institutional support to various public and private initiatives to emerge in the field of training for social inclusion of disadvantaged groups in the locality.

Specifically, we will carry out actions for training, reinforcement and / or literacy in Spanish, the basic instrumental learning, and introduction to computer science.

Also, among other actions, should promote the knowledge and the acquisition of skills, resources and personal and social strategies appropriate for personal development, communication and positive interaction with others and solving problems.


Adopted by the plenary municipal training program aimed specifically at people at social risk - 1

25/3/2011 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana. Foto: archivo


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