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 A neighbor of Totana, Guillermo Nevado Cabrera, donates 12,000 euros to D'Genes

The Association of Rare Diseases D'Genes has received this week a collaboration of those that are not forgotten.

A neighbor of Totana, Guillermo Nevado Cabrera, has collaborated for the second consecutive year with D'Genes contributing a sum of money that will enable the development of the portfolio of services provided by the association to improve the quality of life of individuals and families living with Rare diseases in the Region of Murcia.

This is the second year that Guillermo collaborates with D'Genes and on this occasion has decided to contribute the amount of 12,000 euros, an aid very well received by the association of rare diseases and whose president, Juan Carrión Tudela, has personally thanked Guillermo during A visit to the Multidisciplinary Center "Celia Carrión Pérez de Tudela" held this week

Guillermo points out that in his day he learned through a relative of the great work that develops D'Genes to improve the quality of life of people living with rare diseases and has decided to collaborate with it: "I have been able to know the work That develop to care for people suffering from a rare disease and I believe that if I can help affected people, especially children, to have a better quality of life, I must do it. Among all the sum that each can contribute a long time, "he pointed out .

Guillermo Nevado Cabrera is undoubtedly an example of social commitment, although he does not want to give importance: "I am only one more in the list of so many people who collaborate with this association, with which I have decided to collaborate to support the great social work Which they perform to serve not only people with a rare disease but also their families. "

All an example of solidarity that from the simplicity has wanted to join the project to support rare pathologies and to which from D'Genes is greatly appreciated his gesture.


A neighbor of Totana, Guillermo Nevado Cabrera, donates 12,000 euros to D'Genes - 1

17/2/2017 Source: D´Genes


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