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 Assistance service truck bomb sniffer and inspection chamber is awarded

The Local Government Board has awarded the company "Limpiezas Hermanos Pividal SL" lesser contract support service sniffer truck with high pressure pump chamber and pipeline inspection for maintenance operations Municipal Water Services of Totana.

The contract lasts from November 7 this year until next February 6, 2017;

and a total amount of 11,500 euros, at the time of 3,960 euros per month.

The proposal was approved as the Municipal Water Service lacks the necessary to undertake the tasks of unblocking the sewer lines of the municipal infrastructure, and being necessary for the implementation of the provision of this service.

The contract lays down the conditions governing assistance service to meet the needs of the Municipal Water Service of Totana in the maintenance and improvement of potable water, sewage, rainwater and purification.

Service functions refer to cleaning and unclogging pipes, manholes, manholes and other elements of civil works;

cutting pipe clogging flow;

and cleaning and disinfection of potable water tanks.

In addition, they work suction and water tanks, storage, transportation and disposal can be made;

cleaning grids and scuppers;

inspection of pipes, manholes and manholes by camera;

washdown vials and any other necessary action for the proper management responsibility of the Municipal Water Service.


Assistance service truck bomb sniffer and inspection chamber is awarded - 1

27/10/2016 Source: Ayuntamiento de Totana


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