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Santa Maria Cleofé and Crowning of Thorns launches its own embroidery workshop at its facilities]

The Investigation Board Heritage Protocol and Documentation of the Brotherhood of Santa Maria Cleofé and Crowning of Thorns start your own embroidery workshop in the premises of the headquarters of the Brotherhood, as reported in a statement.

It is common knowledge that the great cultural interest raised embroidery in the Easter of different neighboring towns of Murcia, as are Lorca and Alhama de Murcia;

therefore, the Investigation Board of the Brotherhood wants to make a small approach in this field starting a project consisting of embroidering a flag with the symbol of the Brotherhood and own banner details of it.

The project has been preparing for several months, starting with copying the sketch to the fabric by members of the Investigation Board of the Brotherhood he said, who went to different embroidery workshops to learn first hand the procedures to follow, too the purchase and provision of materials and tools made embroidery.

To start the embroidery flag, different colors of yarn are used in high-quality color to give presence at different levels of depth with some highlighted details, all on canvas sky blue damask, similar to what was used for the new suit that bore the image of Santa Maria Cleofé on its 175th anniversary.

Embroidery workshop was inaugurated this week by the President of the Brotherhood of Santa Maria Cleofé and Crowning of Thorns, D. Casimiro Esteban Moreno, giving the first stitch on the flag, then members of the Investigation Board and Directive it began to make the first tests of embroidery.

The days when the Brotherhood headquarters will remain open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays of each week from 21:30 pm (may establish new schedules depending on groups).

It is open to the public who wants to participate, brothers or not, relatives or related willing to give their selfless work to enrich this way the goods of Totana Easter project.


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